• Water Mist
    The high pressure fire extinguishing machine provides the fogging through spraying water drops of 5-200 pm micron size, which are transformed to fog by the system, under the pressure of 150-180 bars and applied onto the fire and these vaporize very quickly. It consumes huge amount of energy and decreases the heat of fire and eliminates the oxygen in the air and prevents the oxygen feeding the fire and applies suppression and cools down the atmosphere around the fire. Therewithal, it enables a more quickly fire extinguishing and heat 6reducing operation and requires 20 time less water consumption comparing to the traditional fire extinguishing equipments
  • Ability to be used only by one person
    With Rotfire one person can use the machine
  • Easy reach to the fire scene
    Ability to be used in mobile application
  • CBRN Dekontamination Systems
    Decontaminate possible chemical. biological and radiation contaminations.
  • Foam Spraying
    Foam spraying system of micronized water/foam mixture with high and semi-thermal expansion and used for petrol- and gas product fires, when sprayed onto the burning petrol fluid, penetrates and forms a coating film over the burning fuel, which ceases its contact with air, so that the fire will be extinguished very quickly.
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Rotfire High Pressure  Firefighting Systems

In an environment, where we are together with flammable materials, there exists fire risk all the times. The most important point here is to take the required precautions, in order to eliminate the risks for fire and to be ready for firefighting, in the event of fire.    

Reaching to fire scene may be very difficult, when it happens in narrow lanes and due to the heavy city traffic or forest areas. Each minute, fire will increase its strength and its damages increasingly and its extinguishing will get therefore much more difficultier. In case of necessity for urgent firefighting, Rotfire enables to reach the fire scene easily, because of its small structural size and light weight and it can be utilized only by one personal.

Fire initiates, when the three elements combine together and these are oxygen, heat and igniter… While the traditional fire extinguishing equipments eliminate only one of these elements, the high pressurized micronized water fogging and foam spraying system eliminates oxygen and heat, in the same time. Thereby, it enables the extinguishing of fire more quickly and with less water usage.          

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